Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cotton Candy

I LOVE anything and everything COTTON CANDY!!

From body sprays, candles, incense, lip gloss, candy.....I like it all!

My first roommate Jamie turned me on because she use to take the cotton candy body spray by Body Fantasies and spray it all over our apartment, I loved it and been doing it myself every since. You can buy it at any Walgreens, CVS, Target, ect.. (and now 'My Store')

I even use the spray on myself. I'm not a big perfume person, I'm more into body sprays so I have most of the cotton candy body sprays on the market.

An old friend got me a cotton candy candle by Circle E a few years ago that cracked the other day. I went online to buy a new one and came across a cotton candy soy candle by Urban Rituelle and I bought that one instead.
Some of my cotton candy sprays
Lip Smackers cotton candy lip gloss
My new Urban Rituelle soy candle
My Cracked Circle E candle

I am also obsessed with cotton candy Jelly Belly jelly beans. When I thought about wanting to do this post on cotton candy I bought a bag of them (the EXTRA big bag so I could take pictures of it for the post) too bad I ate them all before I could take any pictures....UH they were gone in two days. Have I ever mentioned when it comes to most sweets I have no self control ; / 

YUM ; )~

My girlfriend Laura told me about this cotton candy vodka. I have yet to try it but plan on it. It's not an expensive vodka so she recommends keeping it in the freezer and doing shots with it....sounds good to me LOL
 Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka

I have LOTS of other cotton candy things I am obsessed with that I need to purchase so I added a section under 'I have I love I use' in "My Store" called 'All things COTTON CANDY' check it out, you'd be amazed with all the good cotton candy things on the market.

Jamie xx

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