Friday, February 25, 2011


All I can say is WOW! 
I got my package from RMS Beauty yesterday afternoon and am still in a little bit of shock of how AMAZING this stuff is. I mean like I've said before I have acne prone skin and the thought of putting coconut oil on it had me skeptical.
Yesterday by the afternoon my face was looking pretty greasy and gross so I decided to take a shower before going to hot yoga. I used the coconut oil to remove my makeup and WOW right after using it my skin already looked amazing, then after showering I used the lip and skin balm on my lips and around my eyes and again AMAZING then not that I wanted to put on any makeup before yoga BUT I couldn't resist trying the concealer/foundation and again AMAZING!!! 
Even at yoga my friend Lindsay said "OMG what have you been doing to your face, your skin looks amazing!" 
Then this morning again used everything and WOW I really still am in shock how awesome my skin looks right now.
I was gonna make a video on the application process and what I did this morning BUT when I did one the day you couldn't even see the difference in the camera of before and after I did my makeup so I will have to mess around with the lighting. Videos coming soon!

Anyway since I LOVE having parties I think I'm going to have a party and invite all you girls so you can see this stuff for yourself AND all my other crap LOL
Drinks, dinner, chit chat...I always love girls night! = AMAZING!

Jamie xx

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