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If you want longer thicker darker eyelashes you have a few different options to chose from. 
You can apply the fake ones that will last for a day.
You can get eyelash extensions that will last up to 90 days.
Or you can apply something like Latisse to your eyelashes and have them grow which will last as long as you use it.

I actually have naturally pretty long thick eyelashes. When I use to model some makeup artist wouldn't even put on fake lashes on me cause they didn't think I needed them. I would have to pout about it to get them to put them on! In my opinion no eyelashes can be too long...the bigger the better haha.

As for applying fake eyelashes on myself..IMPOSSIBLE! I have tried a million times and never had the greatest success. Alot of my friends do it and make it look so easy but for me some reason I just can't get it down. Plus if not done correct they can irritate your eyes the entire night....which for me is so not worth it!

Eyelash extensions....I actually had them done before my wedding. Like BIG ASS CRAZY ones! I loved it! Everywhere I went people were like OMG your eyelashes! 
But the only problem with those are...they are expensive and once they start to fall out it isn't so cute, it's not like they all fall out at once so sometimes you will have a big gap bald spot and it sucks. Plus you aren't suppose to really get them wet and excessive sweating is a no no. So showering and washing your face was always kinda a pain and no hot yoga, steam rooms or swimming! They claim to last up to 90 days but in my experience they lasted a few weeks and started to fall out, once some are missing they look wack ran me about $1200 for my initial application then 2 refills in a total of about 5 months. Plus you can't wear your regular mascara or eyeliner and can't use your normal eyemakeup remover so they end up getting you with buying there 'special' products which I did and never even ended up really using them because I didn't think did anything! Basically it's EXPENSIVE!

Then there is products like Latisse! I honestly never cared for longer eyelashes that bad, I mean the commercial kinda makes you think when it list off all the side effects like ah I don't think I want risk that. So I never really looked into it!

Well my cousin was wanting to kinda try it. By the way you need a prescription for Latisse or have to get it from a doctor and it's pretty expensive (like $100+ I think)
So she did some research on it and found it online for less than $20 with no prescription!!
It wasn't Latisse the brand name but it was the same thing (exact same ingredients). 
She bought it! I honestly kinda thought she was crazy, trying something she bought online and knew no one else who had tried it PLUS I think it comes from Asia AND it's your friggin eye! But she did and used it every night like your suppose to and sure enough in 2-3 months her eyelashes were soooooooooo long, thicker and darker. It was nuts! I really couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was my birthday at the time so she asked if I wanted to try it and that she would buy it for me for my birthday, so I said sure!
I've been using it since Thanksgiving and I don't notice anything CRAZY like she did BUT they are a bit longer! 
So if you want longer thicker lashes this is the way to go......

This is the stuff

You put it on once a day (I do it at night before bed) with a brush like you would eyeliner, right on your lash line. It doesn't come with a brush. 
This one I just happened to have, it was tiny paint brush.

Here is the website where you buy it from. The more you buy the cheaper it is. I still haven't used my whole bottle and it's been almost 3 months. Which by the way it takes 2-3 months to work! They refer to the bottle on the website as packets. So basically you'll be paying anywhere from $16-$20 for a bottle that will last atleast 3 months and make your eyelashes grow like crazy ; ) 
Anyway here is the link.

You'll have to thank my cousin Carrie for this one ; )

Jamie xx

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