Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hair Wash Shower Routine

Going to go over my shower routine on the nights I wash my hair. 

First off let me say that yes it is all my hair, I have no extensions/weave and never have! I think that is the most common question I get asked. 
I've had long hair for as long as I can remember. I have alot of hair so if I had it short it would be too poofy and too thick looking, it being long weighs it down alittle and thins it out if that makes sense. 
The cut also helps with that. I have lots of chunky layers cut in my hair and from the back it is somewhat shaped like a V. 
The cut is important so for that reason I've been going to the same girl for about 7 years now. 
I actually let someone different cut my hair recently while I was in Vegas. She just trimmed it and gave me the same cut my regular girl does so it was all good....Thank God. She curled it too, here's pic 

Not the best pics but you get the idea ; )

I don't dye my hair either, this is my natural color. 

Now going to go over my shower routine on the nights I wash my hair (which by the way I only wash my hair 3 times a week, sometimes only 2) Also want to mention I NEVER brush my hair, I only brush it when I am blowdrying it! If I get a tangle I just gently comb it out with my fingers.

Before I get in the shower I always comb my hair with a wide tooth comb, always start from the bottom and be gentle. 

First thing I do when I get in the shower is wet my hair, then ring it out gently squeezing all excess water out then apply a half dollar size amount of conditioner, never on my scalp, just from the bottom of my head down. 
I leave the conditioner in while I brush my teeth. Oh I LOVE brushing my teeth in the shower ; ) then rinse out the conditioner then shampoo. I really only concentrate on the scalp and get a good lather going and massage my scalp not really worrying about the ends of my hair, I guess figuring when I rinse out the shampoo it will run all thru my hair getting it all clean.
Once I have rinsed out all the shampoo I again ring out my hair squeezing out all the excess water, this will ensure that the conditioner sticks to my hair. I apply about a quarter sized amount of conditioner, again NOT on my scalp, only from the back of my head down. I then split my hair in half and apply a nickel size amount to each side only on the ends, starting from the bottom of the earlobe down, I apply it by also running my fingers through my hair like a comb getting out any tangles. I do this for each side then take hair back together combing with fingers still then let conditioner sit in hair while I.....
Shave my under arms, then lady parts, then legs. Wash my face. 
Then I rinse out the conditioner after doing all that, which is maybe about 5 minutes. After rinsing my hair I again ring it out gently squeezing and twisted till all excess water is out, then grab my hair towel flip head upside down and wrap up my hair, all still in the shower. 
Then while hair is already wrapped up in my towel I wash my body. This way I can make sure I wash all that conditioner off my back. 
Then I'm done ; )
I don't recommend doing it this way if you have short hair obviously, I'm sure you have your own routine. Which by the way I'm not sharing all this with you because I think this is the right way to wash your hair LOL just simply sharing what I do and what works for me ; )
I use Pantene Pro-V and have been forever! I use the Volume shampoo and the Smooth and Sleek conditioner. Since I only shampoo my scalp I want that to be voluminous and since I only condition the ends I want that to be smooth and sleek ; ) make sense?
The Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment I only use once a month.

I usually leave my hair in the towel for a while unless I'm going out and in a rush. 

I'll get into blow drying my hair another time. Last night I was too lazy to blow dry it. On nights that I am too lazy too blowdry it I atleast blowdry my bangs, cause I have an annoying cowlick and if I don't it will not look cute! 
On the nights I know I'm not gonna blowdry my hair I won't even comb my hair, I just twist it in a bun and clip it. Leaving the bangs out that I blowdried and then right before falling asleep or when the bun starts to annoy me I undo and just go to sleep when I wake up it's wavy and has the beachy look going on. 
Other times like last night I plan to blowdry my hair which means I combed my hair with this comb
Always starting from the bottom of my hair, then split in half and apply a penny size amount of Biosilk to each side, ends only!

Then wrap my hair in a bun leaving out the bangs I am going to blowdry. And finish blowdrying the rest when I get around to it UNLESS like last night I get lazy and don't end up blowdrying it. Point being is it looks better when I don't blowdry it IF I didn't comb it and add the Biosilk. Either way when I fall asleep with it wet some days it looks better than others. Today not really good but still a natural beachy look, so whatever! Not like I really give a fuuuuuuuuuuuck LOL ; )

Shirt - Black VS pocket boyfriend tee
Jeans - True Religion
Sneakers - True Religion

Anyway more hair stuff to come......that's just my hair washing routine!

Gonna go see if I can set up my video camera for some future how-to videos ; ) that should be interesting! LOL

Jamie xx

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  1. i blowdry my crown and bangs to cause i have cowlicks! i also let it dry wrapped up cause it gives nice waves. soooo much easier than blowing dry all the time! i'm gonna try volumizer shampoo. mine's been so flat lately.