Tuesday, February 1, 2011


GREAT! Now my skin issues have me becoming a GERMAPHOBE!!! UH! Last night I started to read a book I bought a few weeks ago 'SkinTervention' The Personalized Solution for Healthier, Younger, and Flawless Looking Skin....by Scott-Vincent Borba. I've used his products in the past, his water and gummy vitamins are to die for! (I will post links to them below) I am constantly reading informational inspiring books on beauty, health, diet, ect....which I plan on posting the ones I love and have found useful and informational! Anyhooo SkinTervention I am only to Chapter 4 - Eating Your Way Gorgeous. But it's Chapter 3 that fucked me up....LOL like I don't have enough to think about now I am going to be thinking AHHH GERMS BACTERIA DIRT OH MY! I'm surrounded! The cause of all my skin break outs! Well I don't think I really believe that is the problem for my skin issues considering I am a really clean person BUT now it's definitely going to be something I think about and most likely obsess over. It's hard enough for me to remember to wipe my phone and laptop down every night with an antibacterial wipe, I am constantly washing my sheets and towels, never wear anything a second time without washing, very conscious about touching my face, ect ect ect...... you get the point. Chapter 3 is titled - The Dirty Dozen: The Hidden Skin Saboteurs in Your Daily Life!
He breaks it down into what he calls the Top 12 Secret Skin Shockers, let me share
1. Bacteria-bearing brushes - Technically I've already covered this in my post on how to clean your makeup brushes.
2. Suspect Sponges - He says NEVER use your hands to apply your makeup, he says he doesn't care how clean you think your fingers are , they will still have bacteria on them, even after washing them... so sponge vs hands.. he says sponge is the way to go. NEVER use your sponge more than once and for the record (he says) you can not wash the sponge with soap and water for reuse when you are done. If you do that, because they are already harboring all that bacteria, letting the sponges air dry will only manifest even more germs and bacteria which will continue to grow. So if you must take a pair of scissors 'that were cleaned in alcohol' and cut the sponge in half to get two uses out of it. See where this is going.....ANAL aka OVERBOARD! Funny part is that the other side of me is going...well I guess for those of us who have skin issues and want to get to the bottom of this this is what we gotta do.....DAMN! LOL
3. Lose the Loofah - he suggest only using the loofah that resembles a washcloth and washing it once a week in the washing machine with your towels.
4. Towel Tricks - He says using a towel more than once is not a good idea even if you think your clean after the shower the truth is you get the remaining excess oil and dirt off your skin with the towel so next time you go to use it you are transfering the oil and dirt right back into your skin. He says try and dedicate sections of the towel for each time used so you don't have to wash them after each use.
5. Bedding - Sheets need to be changed at a 'minimum' once a week! And if you are a bare-naked sleeper spray your sheets daily with a tea tree oil water mix (Tea Tree is an antibacterial, I plan on doing a post on Tea Tree Oil and things you can do with it later) As for your pillow cases they need to be changed every 2 days. First day clean pillow case sleep on one side, next night use the other side (still clean side) then the third night time to change them.
6. Couches and Other Furniture - Be aware of the bacteria brewing on your couch. Try and clean as often as possible and or cover with a throw you can wash often. Tea tree oil water mix can be sprayed on dark colored couches only, might stain light colored ones!
7. Phones and Cellphones - Wipe with an antibacterial wipe daily!
8. Hairy Situation - Try and keep hair off your face. Wash hair as often as possible. (Uh I only wash mine like 2 maybe 3 times a week)
9. Watch Those Hands! - Try and not to touch your face, most people touch there face a minimum of 20-30 times a day without even realizing it. Wash them after coming in contact with anyone, using the restroom, touching your animals, ect...
10. Purse Protocol - Since we carry a purse everyday he says it is the most important thing to make sure is clean, including the inside of it. Clean yourself regularly and he suggest taking them to the drycleaners once a year and have them spot treat the inside of them. Especially be conscious of putting your purse down on the floor, try and never do it. Clean and Disinfect purses as often as possible! (Oh great one more thing to add to my to do list)
11. Dirty Air - Be sure to change your air filter in your house every 90 days!!
12. Clothing Culprits - Don't wear your clothes over and over without washing each time, even things like jeans!

Ok that's the 12, what do you think?! GERMAPHOBE?! hahahaha It all makes sense but....I say once again use common sense!

The towel thing got me thinking...I generally use my towel twice sometimes maybe 3. From now on I will use a papertowel to dry my face and keep a roll on the bathroom counter. Kleenex came up with these which are pretty cool

And speaking of washing towels and sheets, I got my new washer and dryer today WOOHOO. Not the coolest looking ones but MAYTAG is rated the best and had amazing reviews PLUS when we bought are new house they had MAYTAG which were good just wanted the newer model so.... 

The rest of the book should be pretty good, it's about working from the inside out to get the skin you've always wanted. It also talks about:
*The 7 Day Red-Carpet Ready Plan that Borba gives to his celebrity clients (which he has alot of by the way)
*Natural do-it-yourself facials and scrubs that work in minutes
*Common grocery items for every skin challenge
*Fast face fixes for air travel, winter skin, sunburns, hangovers.....and more

Check out his website and his water and the gummy vitamins, the gummies are sooooooooooooo good, like candy, I think I ate the whole bag in a week last time thats why I didn't order them again (NO SELF CONTROL) they are that good! www.borba.com

I bought his book SkinTervention from B&N for $14.95 but you can get it online at Amazon for cheaper, here is the link ; )

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  1. omg i'm exhausting just reading this!! idk where i'd find the time to do all of this but it sure did gross me out enough to try! ha!