Friday, February 11, 2011

Everyday makeup MUST!

I wanna go over everyday makeup and what I consider a MUST! 
What I use every morning without looking like I really have any makeup on. If that makes sense LOL. You put makeup on to not look like you have any on......a somewhat natural look if you will. 
Even for you girls who aren't really into makeup and rarely where any, all it takes is 5 minutes...DO IT!

Here is what I use every morning (minus the chapstick/lipgloss I forgot to put in pic)
Products Needed:
1. Tinted Moisturizer
2. Under eye concealer
3. Concealer (blemish/dark spots)
4. Mineral powder
5. Blush
6. Eyebrow pencil (this isn't a MUST for all girls, I will get into eyebrows in a whole     separate post another time)
7. Chapstick/lipgloss (not in above pic)

Tools needed:
1. Kabuki brush
2. Blush brush
3. Eyelash curler

Alot of the products are not expensive products and can be found at your local drugstore, so there is no excuse!! The only product I say spend the money on is the tinted moisturizer, it is worth it trust me!

Here's the dealio from start to finish....(I will eventually post a video on how to do it, but for now..)

After you wash your face in the morning (cleanse, tone, moisturize) apply a tinted moisturizer. 
STEP 1 -Tinted moisturizers are not heavy like liquid foundations, they are very sheer, light weight and more natural looking
My two favs are Lorac protecTINT and Laura Mercier, they are both oil-free and have SPF. 

The LORAC I have been using for years. It's oil-free with an SPF 30. It cost $32 at Sephora. I use shade - Tahitian Tan (it's the darkest shade they have, I would ideally like it a little darker BUT it's fine cause once the mineral powder is applied it all looks darker)

Laura Mercier, I recently purchased and also love. I think it might have the tiniest bit more coverage like a liquid foundation would. It is also oil-free with an SPF 20. It cost $42 at Sephora, but you do get a little bit more in the tube over the LORAC. The Laura Mercier shade I have is Sand. Which could be a little dark if too much is applied so next time I might get a shade lighter.

Take a penny size amount and rub all over face just like you would a regular moisturizer. (Or you can apply with a sponge or a foundation brush, I did recently find the BEST foundation brush which I will talk about another time but my fingers work just as well, CLEAN hands only!!!) 

STEP 2 - which make a big difference is under eye concealer. I use Maybelline Coverstick Correction Concealer in Yellow (corrects counteracts dark circles, and no I don't have or get dark circles but the yellow brightens up your eyes)

Cancel out dark skin discolorations with this oil based concealer. Yellow is the opposite of bluish-purple, and when these colors are used together they cancel each other out. This hypoallergenic formula is waterproof for four hours and will not clog pores.

You apply like this...draw on like so then blend in, inner corners of eye, under eye and a little above if you tend to get red there like I do
sorry such a shitty pic but hopefully you get the idea

Another brand I recently discovered and LOVE but unfortunately since you can only buy it online I got all too dark of shades so don't really use it too much, but plan on buying the correct shades soon (maybe when I'm done with this) cause it's all organic mineral products and no that's not the only reason why I love them. Overall great products!
It's AfterGlow Cosmetics. There under eye concealer is awesome, it's called AfterGlow Organic Triple Eye Treatment, it conceals, reduces puffiness and aids in anti-aging. 100% all natural. I bought the shade Praline (too dark) next time I'm getting ShortCake. It cost $29

STEP 3 - Concealer for blemishes and/or dark spots
Almay Clear Complexion Concealer in light medium - you can buy at any drugstore, it cost approx $6
Maybelline Blemish Treatment Stick in medium, you can also buy this at any drugstore, it cost approx $3-$4
Then AfterGlow has an organic aloe concealer, which I have the medium which is way too dark, I need light, it cost $28

99% of the time I use the Almay, it comes like this

Almay Foundation Oil-free spot concealer targets your blemishes with salicylic acid to help clear and prevent blemishes. Infused with meadowsweet to help purify as well as chamomile and aloe to calm irritation and reduce redness. Not for use near eyes.

I normally just dab a little on my finger and apply where needed...just tap it in ; ) it can also be applied with a cotton swab (if you're a germaphobe LOL)

At this point your face is all prepped up.

STEP 4 - Eyebrows! Which like I said I will do a whole separate post on another time. I use a pencil to lightly fill mine in. I use a Cover Girl brow pencil.

STEP 5 - Mineral Powder...I have been using this for a few years now and I swear even when my face is all broken out I always get compliments on how great my skin looks, it's like a magic LOL also great cause it's an instant tan for your face! I've been using and have used for years Maybelline's Mineral Power powder, of all the mineral powders on the market I like this one best. You can get it at any drugstore and cost $6-$7 it also has SPF 18 in it. I use shade Pure Beige Medium 2 BUT it must be applied with a good kabuki brush, the cheap little one it comes with does not do the trick!!!

I also really like AfterGlow's organic mineral foundation, it has SPF 20. Since I got a shade too dark I have been using half AfterGlow and half Maybelline. The shade I got that was too dark is Fawn.

If you have never applied mineral powder before or used a kabuki brush, the above link to AfterGlow has a video, watch that and you can see how. You apply all mineral powders the same way with the kabuki brush!

I have all the MAC powders, studio fix ect... but LOVE my mineral powder and ALWAYS go with that even at night. I honestly should just throw out all my other stuff, it's OLD anyway!

STEP 6 - Blush...apply alittle to the apples of your cheeks with a blush brush and brush the remaining blush thats on your brush on your eyelids as a simple quick easy eyeshadow, nothing obvious just gives your eyelids a little something something without having to get out the actual eyeshadow!
I LOVE and been using for years....can't live without! NARS Highlighting Bronzing/Blush Duo Set in Orgasm/Laguna

I dab the blush brush twice in the laguna then twice in the orgasm then apply to one cheek with the remaining on one eyelid then do the same thing again for the other side.

STEP 7 - apply some chapstick/lipgloss of your choice

I don't care what brand of eyelash curler you use JUST DO IT!!! It makes a huge difference!

And that's it! Quick, easy, natural looking! 

We all should be ATLEAST doing all this before we leave the house (in my opinion LOL) 

I do this same thing for night but add eyeshadows and mascara and rarely get fancy with some eyeliner and maybe some highlighter and/or bronzer!

A How-To Before & After video coming soon ; )

Jamie xx

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