Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mad Hatter!

The Mad Hatter was on to something....I LOVE hats and think they are an essential piece to everyones wardrobe. There are baseball caps, trucker hats, newsboy hats, cowboy hats, fedoras, sun hats and lots more. A hat can totally change your look. For instance today I threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, nothing cute or stylish at all but once I put on the hat it gave my outfit a whole new look. People, I think, automatically assume you have style when you wear a hat (a fashion hat that is not a baseball cap LOL)
T-shirt - Victoria Secret
Jeans - Rock n Republic (I hemmed them to wear with flats cause R&R's are long)
Flats - Report
Hat - I have no idea, it's 10 years old, got it a Bakers I think

Whenever I wear this hat I always get compliments on it and it isn't anything special, just a cheap old hat from Bakers.. of all places LOL

I LOVE big floppy beach hats! Baseball and trucker hats too....... perfect for when you need to wash your hair or just having a bad hair day. 
Since I have a lot of hats I was finding it difficult to store them without totally putting them out of view and throwing them in box or drawer so I have 2 hatstands I got from that I stack all my floppy beach hats on and got a bunch of styrofoam mannequin heads I bought off eBay for like $3 (BUT I saw them today at Sally Beauty Supply) they are perfect for displaying my hats on...which by the way I am in serious need of updating my hat collection. Summer will be here before we know it (not like it's not summer all year round here in FL) so any new hats I get I will be sure to share. 
Here is may hat collection right now.

Singer22 is always a good site to check out stuff that celebrities are wearing and seeing them actually wearing it not just on a mannequin, check it out and get some ideas for your own hat collection

Jamie xx

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  1. i love hats!!! i live in them, especially during summer time. one of the many reasons i keep my hair long is bc it looks cuter in a hat LOL sometimes i don't work out bc i don't wanna ruin my newly blown dry hair or don't wanna do my hair often. hats are a good option in between blow drys while still looking cute! my favs are my two Faith hats, fedoras, & of course my Gators & Steelers hats!! :)