Friday, February 4, 2011

OMG!! For all my bow lovers

OMG looooooooove bows! You too? Then you will love Tyes by Tara. Thank you Josie Stevens and Twitter ; )

Copy and pasted this right from there site...

 Tyes by Tara adds sexy sweetness to your accessory wardrobe with our signature line of bow necklaces, necktie necklaces, bow rings, bow chokers, bow bracelets, bow leg garters, bow shoe clips and so much more!

We are proud to offer a delicious array of handmade jewelry and accessories that will elicit your inner diva. Sexy, affordable and irresistibly feminine, there’s no better time to get tyed with our bow necklaces, necktie necklaces, bow rings, bow shoe clips, bow chokers & bow bracelets!

I don't know where to even start everything is so cute. My fav being the rings, anklets and bracelets!

even cute key chains

I put the link at the bottom of the page, click there and check everything out for yourself!

All during the month of February they are offering 15% off, just enter " HEART " at checkout!

Jamie xx

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