Friday, February 4, 2011

DEALS DEALS DEALS...Perks of Online Shopping!

We all like a good deal or bargain so here I am going to go over how to save as much money as you can and it's all with online shopping!!!

Online shopping is great. Heck the internet is friggin GREAT! 

Here are two things every girl must know about when it comes to online shopping..

1. Members Only Designer Discount Sites
     There are websites that you have to become a member to, for free, that offer amazing discounts on designer clothes, accessories, ect... How it works is..they only have a limited amount of the merchandise so when it's gone it's gone. Most of the sales on these sites only last a few days so as a member as soon as they email you with that days sales you have to log in and check out the goods before the item you want is sold out or the sale is over. They will email you every morning,the email subject will have all the name brand designers that are on sale that day or the designers that are going to be coming on sale so you'll have an idea if it's of any interest to you or not. 

All the brands you ever wanted and should have, so your chance to get them at a discount awaits......Betsey Johnson, L.A.M.B, Juicy Couture, Frankie B, True Religion, BCBG, Michael Kors, the list goes on and on

My 2 favorite sites are and I can't even tell you how much great designer stuff I have gotten from both of these sites. If you are not already a member I highly suggest becoming one, its free and only takes a second.

My invite just means once you are a member and logged in you can email your friends an "invite" and if that friends signs up and actually buys something one day you get a $10 credit. 
Please don't think I am only mentioning them in this post trying to get $10 credits because that is 100% not the case LOL If you rather, just go directly to the site and sign up and don't accept my invite, not sweat off my back ; ) just sign up either way, you won't regret it!

2. The Coupon Code/Promo Code
     You know when you are about to check out online there is always a box that says 'COUPON CODE or PROMO CODE' well most of us don't have one on hand to put in. That is where the beauty of Google comes in and these coupon code websites. There are websites that are just filled with online coupon and promo codes that actually work. 

The 2 most common and the ones I have used and had success with the most are and

All you do is once you are about to check out you open in a separate window/tab and go to Google, type in the Google search box whatever the website name is followed by coupon code, press enter! A bunch of different coupon code websites will come up and just click on them and check each one out, try the recommended code and see if it works, if not try another, there are always atleast 2 - 3 different codes for all the websites and 98% of the time one will work. 

For instance today I needed to get Bruno (one of my dogs) a raised dog feeder, I want the same one that Buster has so they match and needed to get them both new dog collars, so thru Google I found the website that had the raised dog feeder I was looking for at the best price. It was so before I checked out I opened a new window/tab, went to Google, typed in calling all dogs coupon code and a bunch of these coupon sites came up, one being RetailMeNot, I clicked on that one and one of the codes was 12YEAR, it was a 12%off code. Went back to the CallingAllDogs website put 12YEAR in the coupon code box and WA LA, took 12% off my total price bringing my total down from $208.22 to $193.94 saved $15.28 just by taking that extra minute and doing all that.

SAVE $$$ ; )

Jamie xx 

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