Monday, February 28, 2011

My dressing room

playing dress up on New Years in my dressing room (we stayed home) LOL

So I am lucky in the fact that I have a dressing room in my house. Basically the dressing room is an extension of my closet plus a space for me to do my makeup, hair, all things girly so NO BOYS ALLOWED!
In my new house my dressing room is still not complete and it is driving me nuts!! I still have a lightbulb in the ceiling LOL! In all my other dressing rooms I always had a ceiling fan (comes in handy when it gets hot from all the lights doing your makeup OR when it gets hot from blowdrying your hair) BUT in this house I decided I want a black chandelier and just haven't decided on one yet. 

I've always had a dressing room, well as long as I've been with my husband I have. Basically when we dated 10 years ago and I moved in with him in his condo I got the guest room closet since there wasn't any room in the master closet, which worked out fine with me cause then I would basically just take over the whole guest room since he never had it set up a guest room anyway. 

10 years ago my first 'dressing room' consisted of all my clothes in the guest room closet and one of those mirrors you would hang on the back of a door leaned up against the wall on the floor and bed tray table infront of it with my makeup kit on one side and my blowdryer and hair stuff on the other. I would sit in the floor and do my makeup, hair, ect the rest of the room was all storage for his 'crap' LOL

Oh how times have changed ; )
In our new house there is actually a his and hers master closet and my closet ended up meeting back to back with one of the guest room closets so my husband cut a hole thru the wall which conjoined the two so now I have a closet that leads into my 'dressing room' it's pretty awesome! I still have LOTS to do, it's no where near what I want it to look like but it's a work in progress. I still have ALOT of decorating to do in the whole house and as much as I would like it to be a priority it's not! I've had my husband put up shelves, take down, patch the holes, put back up, take back down, patch new holes sooooooo many times it's pretty ridiculous honestly. I ended up putting up all my old modeling posters, calendars ect and plastered them all over the walls thinking what the hell otherwise they just rot in boxes, well honestly now I am so over looking at them I am going to take them down and back in the boxes they go LOL! For some reason I'm just not feeling this new room as much as I was my old one.

In our last house my dressing room was on the other side of the house. We had his and her master closets in that house as well but just not nearly as big so the closet in the master I kept all my casual everday clothes and all my sneakers and flipflops then in my dressing room I kept all my nicer going out stuff, it's where I did my makeup and hair. I even had a couch, tv and a laptop in there so it was my little hangout. Eventually ended up cramming in a sewing table, sewing machine ect....which made it really tight but I still loved it! Here's some pics of my last dressing room in my old house...

I took off the closet doors so it was open and had my husband make me the mirror with all the lights around it for doing my makeup!
Cheap black and white shelving on the wall for all my heels

The mirror with the lights was glued on the wall so thank God the couple we rented the house the wife LOVED my room and kept it like that ; )

I decided in the new house instead of glueing something on the wall like that again incase I ever want to change it (I am constantly rearranging things like furniture and stuff, have been since I was a teenager) so I found this from Vanity Girl a while back and ordered it.

It cost $399, here is the link where I bought it, they have a couple different styles and options too

To be HONEST though I am missing my old mirror and set up and think I am going to have to cave and fess up to the hubs and let him know how I'm feeling. (He didn't really want to buy it in the first place and was wanting to do the same thing like in the old house but I kept insisting...uh dang I hate when he's right) 

Anyway as I said my room is no where near done and I am going to be changing ALOT of things but for now here is a couple pics

old pic from 4 months ago
I was sitting on the floor trying to envision it all on a blank canvas, blank canvas cause as you can maybe see the hubs removed everything besides the tv from the wall for the millionth time and patched all the holes AGAIN ......  

Then put up all these calendars, posters, ect...which are coming down asap!

New pics to's a work in progress...hopefully by summer I'll have it done!

There is this cute website for decorating and everything is pretty cheap, I have yet to order anything from them but figured I would share ; ) I'll let you know if I do though click on the decorating tips tab for cute fun DIY ideas too

Anyway I was on the other night and came across this...I LOVE IT! Not that you would really pack it up and take it somewhere but hey if you wanted you could! It cost $500 but I think it's great. Perfect for a corner in a master bedroom too. I totally understand not many people have an extra bedroom to transform into a dressing room so make a little section in your master and if you had to drape it off drapes or even a room divider!

Ok that's enough for me and dressing rooms, the new Bethany Ever After is coming on!

Nighty Night

Jamie xx

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  1. yayy! LOVE this post! can't wait to do mine! loving Bethenny...she's hilarious!