Monday, February 21, 2011

Manac Monday! Power Moves..pick one and DO IT!

Good Morning!
A few quick and easy moves that are invigorating and will make you feel good. Pick one and do it at some point today, with a clear mind and smile on our face. 

Relaxing for one minute in Child’s Pose gives your mind and muscles a chance to escape the madness.

How-to: Sit back on heels with the insides of legs and feet touching. Lean forward, bowing torso over thighs and lowering forehead to mat. Extend arms forward, palms down. Relax into pose, widening knees or bending elbows a bit, as desired. Focus on breathing, taking 4–8 counts for each inhale and exhale, and relaxing deeper into pose with each exhale.

The next 1 is from Tara Stiles...she is one of the Jane Fonda girls and is a yoga guru! Seems silly but really makes a difference, especially after a long day!

The next few are for the more adventurous ; )


Last but not least...the headstand ; )

Assuming your not a it against a wall!
Here's how

For a more detailed how to on the headstand with all it's amazing benefits click here

Finish with 5 slow deep breaths ; )

Have a great day!

Jamie xx

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