Thursday, February 3, 2011


Todays GBS purchases

Like Sally's Beauty Supply, GBS The Beauty Store is another must go to.... same as Sally's but they have better brands in my opinion. You go in there and want to buy everything LOL

Today's purchases:

Another Fashionista shower cap 

Box of cotton swabs, the kind that have one rounded end and one pointed tip end, great for applying makeup and cleaning up makeup mistakes

A Tassi (terry cloth loose fitted head band for when you are washing your face you don't get your hair wet)

Miss Oops! Rescue Sponge (removes deodorant marks, powders and other 'Oops!")

MiniMergency Kit for her (Beauty and Personal Care Kit, For a Gal's Tiny Troubles)

Shampowder (dry shampoo)

The cutest little box of tissue

Moroccan Oil, Intense Hydrating Mask Argan Oil Enriched

Honorable Mentions are...
MiniMergency Kit for her
I always try and have these on hand for gifts, never kept one for myself and since everyone I always gave them to loved them I got myself one today. It's a tiny silver pouch you keep in your purse or car that is filled with all kinds of one time use beauty and personal care things you would need in an emergency (not a REAL emergency LOL) $12
This is what it comes with
Liquid Breath Mint Drops
Mint Waxed Floss
Stain Remover Towlette
Deodorant Towlette
Nail Polish Remover Pad
Nail File
Clear Nail Polish
Hair Spray


Shampowder!! I LOVE this stuff, another great gift idea! It's a dry shampoo that comes in a brush so all you have to do is brush on your hair / dab in hair however you wanna do it where it is greasy and thats it. It comes in 3 shades, Dark (for Brunette or Red Hair), Light (for Blondes) and Black (for Black Hair) which by the way I put all 3 shades in "My Store" This stuff smells good and gives you extra volume so your hair goes from greasy and flat to not greasy, volumpuous and smellin good ; ) I've tried alot of different dry shampoos and this one is the best! I love this stuff so much I was going to do a whole post just on this but since I got one today I am sharing now, one thing off my things to post list. LOL

Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil, ALL of their products are awesome but today I needed the Intense Hydrating Mask, Argan Oil Enriched. I use this maybe once a month. It is a mask you put in your hair after you shampoo and leave in for 5-10 minutes then rinse. I will go over this when I post "My Hair Routine" another day. This is a must especially for girls with over processed really dry damaged hair. I put all my fav Moroccan Oil products in 'My Store'

Last and not least this mini box of cute ; ) 
It says "It is so involved being me" on the side.....

Jamie xx

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