Monday, February 21, 2011

My week in Spain

So my trip to Barcelona..........................................pretty much SUCKED! 
First I'll start with the positives of the trip.
Our company was great. We went with my husbands business partner (also friend) and his fiance' (who is also a friend) so that was cool. They are awesome, fun, easy to be around and easy to get along with...good people! Always have a good time with them.
Got to do alittle shopping, mainly because it was colder than I thought it would be and didn't pack the right stuff so I needed a few things to be comfortable while there and ended up getting other stuff. Which I will do a post of all my new stuff later.

Negatives of trip!
On the flight over it was red-eye, 8 hour flight with a 3 hour layover in Madrid. Then another hour to Barcelona. By the time they were done serving dinner I had already taken my Melatonin (natural sleep aid) which I have taken plenty of times before and yes it works! About 4 hours in the flight I notice everyone had been sleeping for quite some time and I wasn't tired, nor comfortable, it was hot and I was getting a sinus headache so I decided the Melatonin wasn't cutting it and took a real deal holy field sleeping pill, another hour passed by and still WIDE AWAKE and MISERABLE! Even in first class and my own blanket and regular size pillow it SUCKED! Next thing I knew they were serving breakfast and I hadn't slept a wink. Then we landed in Madrid, at this point I was feeling pretty wacky from the sleeping pill and Melatonin and NOT SLEEPING! Since we had a 3 hour layover in Madrid we decided to get a taxi and check out the city and stop and grab a bite to eat. Wasn't nothing special to see and the restaurant had nothing appealing so basically I was just there going with the flow playing along trying to make the best of it. By the time we took off in Madrid I was feeling neurotic from no sleep, the flight to Barcelona which was a little over an hour had no first class and the seats didn't even go back at all, they seemed extra small too, it was hot and smelled ;(
Taking off in Madrid, cross in the mountain side ;)

By the time we got to Barcelona it was dark, it was about 8pm or so. 
Our hotel....even though it was 5 star hotel it was nothing great...TINY rooms, literally 10x10, not much closet space and there was not really any room even for the luggage on the floor, couldn't tell you how many times me and my husband stubbed our toes on our luggage! The bed mattress sucked, felt like we were sleeping in a cot and the pillows were only 2 flat little pancakes! And no comforter, only sheets and the nasty brown blanket that was in the closet that I refused to use. Oh yea the only mirror was the small one in the bathroom so everytime I got dressed I had no idea what my outfit looked like LOL! Here is the room, to be honest it doesn't look so bad in the pics. 

I spent the first day while my husband was at the World Mobile Congress (the reason we were there) trying to make the room as functional as possible, this was the best I could do, not so bad I guess!

The hotel only had room service for a few hours everyday and not for breakfast plus we never woke up before 2pm the whole time we were there due to the time change that was screwing us up because technically when it was 2pm there it was 8 am here in the States.
So the first day we were there when my husband got back from his meetings around 6 we went to eat and have drinks, then walked around and I froze my ass off which is when we went to that little whole in the wall of a Hello Kitty store I blogged about. Drank too much wine ate too much food (which was pretty gross by the way) then back to bed.

Next day woke up again 3ish, when my husband went to the show I took a shower and washed my hair. I started to blowdry my hair with the blowdryer that was in the bathroom (the hotels blowdryer) but it wasn't powerful enough. So I got out my blowdryer, plugged it into the plug adapter (Europe has different plug outlets so you have to bring an adapter) as I started I did kinda smell burning hair which honestly isn't anything new, it smells like burned hair every now and then when I blowdry my hair so no biggy I thought! WRONG! I kinda noticed the blowdryer was extra powerful not hot just was blowing like 75mph winds LOL, I was like DAMN... took a break looked at the brush and was like WTF my brush was filled with like white straw little pieces in it, I went into the bathroom to look in the mirror and in the better light and saw a ton of hair on the floor, I kinda panicked and though I was loosing my hair OMG why!? 
NO... I fucking burned my hair off, thats what was in the brush, burned hair! I wish I would have taken pics of the brush and all the hair I lost but I didn't, I did however take a pic of my hair where it burned off. Now I know why on all the plugs there had a label that says 220 volts! I guess in America we don't have that high of voltage?! Psh

plug with the adapter

fried hair LOL not that you can really see the full damage in the pic..THANK GOD I have alot of hair!

That night went to dinner and got WASTED!!! Don't remember a thing LOL, I'll leave it up to your imagination ; )

Woke up the next morning not hungover amazingly, everyone else was! BUT even worse, I had a MAJOR bladder infection. I'm talking BAD! 
I've had my fair share of bladder infections and when I get them they are horrible, like can't even sit or lay down, I have to pace back and forth breathing like a woman going into labor! 
Thank God I am friends with my gyno on FaceBook and I messaged her telling her the situation and she replied saying she thinks they will prescribe me antibiotics over the counter. I luckily had an AZO with me (over the counter meds that help relieve any pain due to bladder infection) which really didn't even help much. 
By the time my husband got back from the show we walked a few blocks down to the pharmacy (they are on every corner it seems) the pharmacist said NO they won't prescribe antibiotics over the counter and I would have to go to a walk in clinic to see a doctor for a prescription if I wanted them. 
In the meantime she gave me some strong cranberry pills and said if I was still in bad shape the next day I better get to the clinic. 
So now I was scared, going to a doctor in a foreign country where barely no one it seemed spoke english and me nor my husband barely know a word of spanish. 
By the time I got back to the room the pain was so bad I started to cry. Wrote my gyno back saying I couldn't get the antibiotics ;( she replied saying to see if they would take an American prescription via email and if they would she would email them. I thought that's wishful thinking but I was desperate!
My husband called the pharmacy and they said YES! 
Finally 3 hours later I had antibiotics! Which by the way don't necessarily help with the pain but thank God at that point I was feeling a little better. Plus I hate taking antibiotics in general, plus ones from a foreign country and in spanish!
By the time all said and done it was bedtime again so that was another day wasted stuck in the hotel room ;(

The next day since I wasn't 100% and on antibiotics we decided to just go walking the streets and do some shopping. Keep in mind it was freezing out that day AND raining! I wore a pair of my Juicy sweats and sneakers...BIG MISTAKE! The bottom of my pants got soaked and ruined, my sneakers filthy and soaked too. 
By the time we got back to the hotel it was 8pm (we didn't even leave the hotel until 6ish) so we decided to try the room service since it was available till 8:30, it couldn't be any worse than all the restaurants we had been too right?! 
There were only 5 things to choose from anyway. My husband got the pizza and I asked for a salad (even though it wasn't on the menu they said sure) keep in mind I hadn't seen a 'green' salad the whole time I was there, all there salads were like tuna salad...egg salad...ect.. no green lettuce salads. 
So not knowing what they were gonna bring me sure enough to my surprise it was a green lettuce salad BUT it had tuna on it! Brown/grey canned tuna ;( BUT I tried my best to eat as much of it as I could, thinking positive since I hadn't eaten ANYTHING healthy there thus far. 
Half way thru the salad as I was picking thru it and nearly gagging everytime I ate a piece of the tuna, I thought I came across an extra light green piece of lettuce, I mean there was a few black wilted pieces of lettuce, plus the light in the room SUCKED so..... 
Uh NO it wasn't was a piece of fucking ABC gum....ALREADY BEEN CHEWED! 
A piece of fucking light blue prolly WinterFresh fucking gum in my fucking salad!!!!!!! I'm not sure how I didn't throw up at this point, especially since I was already nauseous from the antibiotics. Wish I had a pic for you all but I don't, my hubs took it straight back down stairs and caused a nice scene!!
At this point I was OVER IT! 
Wanted to come home soooooo bad and so did my husband. He is a very picky eater so was having a hard time with the food and was just as OVER IT as I was if not more!
We had one more day to go.

The last day...again woke up around 3. We decided we would go walk around the shops again like we did the day in the freezing rain cause this day is was finally nice out. 
We found the farmers market ; ) finally got to eat something good, an apple LOL

For the last night we went to a fancy schmancy restaurant, with our friends and a few other people my girlfriend knew there. 

Once again got WASTED!! Shouldn't have even drank since I was on antibiotics and should have never went down the nightclub after dinner UGH

Next morning we had to be up at 9am (keep in mind we hadn't been up before 2:30 the whole trip) and I had the WORST HANGOVER EVER!!! FFFFFFFFMMMMMMLLLLLLL ; (
Got to the airport in time and on our 10 hour flight back home (longer flight home due to winds or something) and again a 3 layover in Madrid! 
Let's just say I didn't sleep again on the flight, it was HOT as hell and it SUCKED! But I did get to watch 2 movies that were good. 

Due Date with Robert Downey was funny! And Secretariat, a movie about a race horse, I cried the whole time which in return gave me another horrible sinus headache.

So basically that was my trip....sounds fucking awesome huh?! LMAO There was alot more craziness that went on but that's all I can bear to type.....too friggin much! CRAYCRAY!

On a good note while I was in the hotel room chillaxin with my lovely bladder infection I found some really cool stuff on the internet. Alot of health information on cosmetics and I learned ALOT! So excited to share all I learned with you guys.
I actually order a product while I was there online and it came today so I will blog on that in a bit.
Yesterday was the last day I had to take the antibiotics and after that trip I think I'm so ready for a cleanse/detox and get back in my workout routine. Can't wait for yoga Thursday night...anyone want to join me?! My instructor is what makes it, she is the BEST!

oh yea how funny, the whole time I was there I barely spoke a word in Spanish cause I don't know any, maybe hello, thank you and bathroom but that was it. Since I have been back anywhere I go and walk in somewhere I keep saying 'hola' .....LMAO..... WTF! Almost said 'gracias' when leaving everytime too!


HOME SWEET HOME!! God bless America!

Jamie xx

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