Thursday, February 3, 2011


I also went to DSW today, here's what I bought ; )

Jelly Flip Flops, Converse Chucks, Nike slides
Anne Klein leggings and a lil coin purse thing (they got me in the check out line UH) LOL

Grendha Starfish Jelly Flip Flops
LOVE these, so cute! I actually had a pair of Grendha Jelly sandals they were sooooooooooooooooooo cute but my dog chewed them ; ( so when I saw these I had to get them. They are $19.95 here is the link to DSW to buy them

I actually went to DSW hoping to get a white or pink pair of Converse but they did not have any white and the pink I wasn't liking the shade of pink so even though I already have a pair of grey ones I got these, they are cuter than the ones I have cause they have a hot pink lining and the laces have a shimmer sliver on them. They were $44.95

Nike slides
I only got these cause my dog ate my other slides and these are comfy with a nice padded bottom. I only wear these as house slippers, slippers I can wear in the yard and by the pool. They were $29.95

Anne Klein leggings....wasn't sure how to wear these or if they would even look good (they were cute on the mannequin) but since they were only $19.95 I grabbed them.

Cute for bedtime maybe

OR if you wanna do a Josie Stevens (one of the girls from Married To Rock) look
Forever 21 white racerback tank
American Apparel tutu
Hello Kitty pink rhinestone belt (Forever 21)
Anne Klein leggings
Christian Louboutin glitter heels

Hahaha cute but NO I would never wear this out ; ) but for playing dress up that's a whole different story!

Jamie xx

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