Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sally model ; )

In regards to some of my Sally purchases today.....

I'm liking the bows 

And LOVE the shower cap, not really how it looks but the style, fit, material, ect...I guess it is pretty cute compared to most...... it's an A+.... best one I've ever had for sure!
Doesn't have terry cloth or anything in it so won't get smelly or mildewey ; )


  1. so cute!! it's so hard for me to find a shower cap to fit 1. my big head 2. my super long hair piled on top of my big head LOL i need that one! i hate the ones with the cloth or lining inside ewww. love the bows too!

  2. I know same here with the shower cap, this one is the BEST I SWEAR! They had a bunch of different patterns and colors to chose from too, I'd get 2 and rotate them. I'm gonna go back and get another.
    The bows LOL 89 cents ; )

  3. yay! i loved the lil bows that Josie from Married to Rock wears. she makes them and sells them i think! check her facebook!